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The city of Townsville is on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is one of the dryer climates in the region and is close to the central part of the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville is largest area north of the Sunshine Coast and is it considered the “unofficial capital” of North Queensland by the local population.

Townsville is home to a number of governmental and major business administrative offices for the northern part of the state. Townsville is a popular destination for tourists both within and outside of Australia. With attractions like the Strand and Riverway, there is no shortage of attractions for people to come and enjoy. Townsville also is home to a large tropic aquarium that showcases much of the native species found within the Great Barrier Reef.

Townsville’s History

The Townsville area was originally inhabited by a few indigenous groups. The Wulgurukaba lay claim to the town as the original inhabitants of the area. Famed explorer James Cook even visited the region on his initial travels to Australia back in 1770, but he didn’t actually land in the area.

Townsville officially became a municipality in February of 1866 and quickly developed as a major port along the Cape River. The farming and sugar industries made a comfortable home in Townsville and became very profitable. The town quickly began to expand after that.


During WWII, Townsville was a staging area for upwards of 50,000 American and Australian troops. It was an integral staging area for many battles in and around the Pacific. The Americans had upwards of seven airfields and other bases in and around the region.

In 1942, the Japanese conducted several air raid on Townsville because of its importance to the war effort. There are still bomb craters visible near the Garbutt Airfield and Oonoonba today.

City Layout

The Townsville area has seen quite a bit of urban development thanks to the development of the Central Business District. The construction of a new passenger rail system has led to more and more new development in the area.

There has been significant construction in and around the Townsville region as a result of the growing economy. There are quite a few new high-rise commercial and residential buildings that have gone up recently.

Townsville Marina


Townsville is approximately 1,350 kilometers north of Brisbane and about 350 kilometers south of Cairns. It sits on the shores of Cleveland Bay and the Ross River flows through the city. Many inhabitants of the region use the river for water skiing, rowing, and fishing activities.


Townsville is a tropical savanna climate and the rainfall in the winter is somewhat minimal compared the eastern coast of Queensland. Most of the winter sees tropical trade winds and some comfortable temperatures. The winter months have the type of weather that most areas would love to see in the summer. When trade winds do lift and the rain comes, it often will be heavy and significant. The wet season traditionally runs from November to April. During this rainfall, the period is when the roofs are most prone to getting damaged.

Popular Attractions In Townsville

Because of its location to the Great Barrier Reef, Townsville is a popular tourist destination. It is also a gateway to the Wet Tropics and nearby Queensland outback. The city is full of adventure as it sits below the spectacular Castle Hill.

Palmer Street and City Lane are popular stops for locals and tourists alike who are looking for some great cuisine. Foodies especially love these areas because of the variety of traditional and non-traditional dining experiences in the area.

There are plenty of secluded beaches and wildlife to explore in the area. Because of its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Townsville is also a popular destination for divers looking to explore the beauty of the reef.

For people looking for a little faster paced excitement, in early July the Townsville 400 Supercar race is always a good time. The Supercars speed through the areas south of Townsville’s CBD on roads that have been specially constructed just for this event. The town comes alive with the roar of the engines as the Supercars reach speeds upwards of 260km/h.

You can see Townsville’s Botanic Gardens, go island hopping, or take a walking tour to explore everything the area has to offer. The views and attractions of the city are something that people from far and wide come to enjoy.

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