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Solar energy is more and more common these days. A great way to cut your costs is with a solar hot water system. Townsville Plumbers is your go-to business in the Townsville region for all your solar hot water system needs.

Solar hot water systems are very reliable and will save you a ton of money over the life of the system. Solar energy is no mystery to people in this day and age.

Basically, they use the sun to provide you with the necessary power for your hot water system. Townsville gets quite a few sunny days, and best of all, that power source is free.

Why not take advantage of the power of the sun to heat the hot water system in your home? It does a pretty good job of heating the rest of the planet, so it’s not much of a stretch to think it could very easily power your hot water system in Townsville.

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Solar systems pretty simple. They include water storage tanks and solar panels or collectors.

These collectors take that stored sunlight and utilize it to heat the water in your solar hot water system. They can use water or a combination of water and fluid to get your hot water wherever it is needed in the house.

The two types of solar water heating systems are called active and passive. The active systems have circulating pumps that you can control, and the passive systems do not.

Most active systems come in two different models. The first is a direct circulation system. This will circulate the water through the collectors where it is pumped into your house.

These work best in warmer areas where it doesn’t get below freezing very often.

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The second type of active system is called an indirect circulation system. Instead of water, they us an anti-freeze fluid (similar to what you have in your car) through the heat collectors and a heat exchanger.

Here the water is heated and then, like a normal water heater, moved to where it is needed in your home. These types of solar hot water systems work best in areas where the temperatures drop to freezing and below.

The passive solar hot water systems are usually much less expensive to install and maintain than the active systems. However, one drawback to these is that they are not as efficient as their active counterparts. The passive systems tend to be more reliable and have a longer life in your home.

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There are two main types of passive solar hot water systems. Integral collector-storage systems, and thermosyphon systems. With the Integral collector systems, they work best in warmer climates and in homes that tend to use quite a bit of hot water.

In a thermosyphon system, water flows through the system with the warm water rising, while the cooler water sinks. You have to install the tanks above the collector to allow warm water to rise into the storage tank.

These systems are extremely reliable, but are also very heavy and must be installed cautiously by a professional.

The storage tank on your solar hot water system needs to be very well insulated. This is so the solar energy is best able to heat the water to the temperature you set. Some of the solar hot water systems will preheat the water before it is transferred to the standard water heater.

Installation of a solar hot water system is a pretty easy task for any professional. It’s important to have a company like Townsville Plumbers who are knowledgeable about solar hot water systems for your installation.

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The best part is that with a professional company you don’t have to worry about getting gouged by high solar hot water system prices. We can offer you the best rates on service and installation for all your solar hot water system needs.

After the installation of your new solar system, it’s very important that you properly maintain it so that it runs smoothly.

Most passive systems don’t require much maintenance. If you decide to go with an active system, there are a few basic maintenance requirements that will need to be performed to keep it operating its best.

Regular maintenance schedules are about every 3-5 years to make sure the solar panels are operating efficiently. Any system that has electrical components will probably need one or more of those parts replaced at the 10-year mark.

All in all, the maintenance on a solar hot water system isn’t much more than a traditional hot water heater. The savings you’ll see over the life of the product will be much more than any service the system will ever need.

Another benefit to having a solar system is the impact on the environment. You’ll be helping reduce air and water pollution, which is good for the environment and your conscience.

Although the initial expense is a little more, the money you’ll save in the long run is well worth the initial expense.

Townsville Plumbers can help you meet all your solar hot water system needs. Give us a call today and we can help you get your house the solar system that best fits your budget and water heating needs.

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