Serious Sewer Line Problems That Are Revealed By Camera Inspections

One of the most difficult sections to repair in a plumbing system is the sewer lines. Most sewer lines are laid below the ground. This means that they are very difficult to access. The first thing that a plumber does after responding to a service call is to diagnose the plumbing problem. This can be quite problematic if the plumbing problem affects the sewer system. But modern technological advancements have made things far much easier. Plumbers can now use waterproof remote controlled video cameras to inspect underground sewer lines. The plumber just inserts the video camera at one end of the sewer line and then maneuvers it from above the ground using a remote control. The plumber is able to see everything inside the sewer line including any clogs, damages, intruding roots, or any other problems on a video screen above the ground. The recording can even be saved for later review. Many professional plumbers offer Townsville camera inspections upon request by clients. Sewer camera inspections are used to diagnose many sewer line issues including the following.

Sewer Line Clogs

Clogs are some of the most common sewer line problems. Clogs occur when your sewer lines are blocked by any solid material including grease buildup, hairs, toys, tree roots, and any other foreign objects. Sewer line clogs can be quite devastating especially if they cause sewer backups. This is where the liquid waste flowing in your sewer lines is forced back up the drainage pipes because of a serious clog in the sewer lines. One of the most effective ways of discovering a clog in your sewer lines is by using sewer camera inspections. You should call a professional plumber the moment you notice or suspect a clog in your drainage and sewer system. The plumber will use a video camera to inspect the internal condition of your sewer lines and to determine the exact position and nature of the clog. He can then use various plumbing techniques to dislodge the clog and prevent a sewer backup.

Sewer Line Damage

Like all the other pipes in plumbing system, underground sewer lines get damaged. They can wear out due to old age. They can also be damaged by various physical hazards like tree roots, rocks, or physical destruction. The main problem with sewer lines is that you cannot see them. You will have to use other tactics to determine whether the sewer pipes are damaged or not. One such indication is wet ground where your sewer lines are installed below the ground. Foul smells can also indicate a broken sewer line. If you suspect that any of your underground sewer lines are damaged or broken, request a camera inspection as soon as possible. Using the remote controlled video camera, the plumber will be able to see the site, extent, and nature of the damage. He can then decide to either repair the broken sewer line or to replace it with a new one.

Root Intrusion

One of the most problematic sewer line problems is tree root intrusion. Tree roots are attracted to your sewer lines because of the nutrients and moisture carried in the sewage. The roots drill into your sewer lines at the weakest points like the pipe joints. These tree roots damage and clog the pipes. Intruding tree roots can be seen clearly using a video camera inspection.