Many hot water heaters use gas as a power source. Many people prefer using natural gas or propane instead of electricity because gas is far much cheaper than electrical energy. As such, there are very many gas-powered water heaters in the market today. There are also very many electric water heaters in the market. Nowadays we also have solar-powered water heaters that are very efficient. Heat pump water heaters are referred to as hybrid water heaters because they use two types of energy. They can use gas or electricity plus the reverse refrigeration technique to generate enough power to heat water. In terms of safety, gas-powered water heaters are considered the most risky. All gas-powered appliances are considered very risky because gas is one very dangerous energy source. A serious gas leak can cause suffocation in the house. A gas leak can also cause a fire or an explosion because gas is highly flammable. That is why you should always remember and observe the following safety tips when using your gas-powered water heater.


Check The Pilot Light

The pilot light in your water heater indicates that the device is working properly. The pilot light is easily visible in any gas-powered water heater. The pilot light can go out if there is a problem in your hot water heater. If there is a water leak or sediment buildup in your water heater, the pilot light can go out. If your pilot light goes out, you should know that there is a problem in the thermocouple in your water heater. Replacing the thermocouple will solve this problem. This means that you will have to pay a professional plumber for plumbing repair in Townsville. But one safety tip that you should remember about the pilot light in your gas-powered water heater is that even if it’s out, gas will continue flowing into the surrounding environment. This means that even if your pilot light is out, you still face some serious danger from the leaking gas. You should disconnect the water heater from the gas supply system to ensure safety in your house.


Install Gas Detectors

If you use natural gas or propane in your house, you should install gas detectors all over the house. Many people use gas as well as electricity to power various appliances in the house. If your house is connected to the main gas supply lines in your locality, ensure that you have gas detectors in your house. The gas detectors will alert you when there is a gas leak in your house. This is a very important safety measure because you will know when there is a gas leak in your house.


Regular Inspections

Another important safety measure for your gas hot water heater is regularly and through DIY and professional inspections. You should make a point of inspecting your gas water heater regularly. You should also pay a professional plumber to conduct a thorough inspection of your hot water heater once or twice a year.


Timely Repairs

In case your gas-powered hot water heater breaks down, have it repaired immediately. Call a professional water heater plumber to diagnose the problem and fix your water heater as soon as possible.


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