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If you are a homeowner, odds are you are not too keen on having to do major repairs or replace costly items. However, this is the reality of owning your own home. Things are going to break, they will need repair, and, for some of the bigger items, eventually replaced.

Your roof is one of the most overlooked items on your house, but it is the most important part of your home. It keeps out the elements and protects the rest of the house from major damage. Of all the major repairs you would need to have, a roof replacement in your Townsville home is one of the most important improvements you could possibly make.

Even though replacing your roof isn’t as awe-inspiring as showing off that newly remodeled kitchen to your family and friends, it is the repair that will matter most. If your roof gets to a state of disrepair, water can seep in and create a lot of problems for any homeowner. If you decide to not go with that roof replacement, there are some key household items that will be affected.

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If water is allowed to get inside the house through the roof, the first thing that will be damaged is your attic insulation. Water will corrode the fibers of your insulation material and this quickly becomes a breeding ground for mold. Sure, you won’t notice it at first, but your family will quickly feel the effects. Mold can make all your family members sick for prolonged periods of time, and you might not even realize why it is happening.

If your insulation begins to break down in the attic, you’re going to notice the effects. Especially in your pocketbook. The insulation in your home is there to trap in heat in the winter and the cold in the summer. The last thing you want is to have to run your furnace more than needed. That is a costly appliance to run and good quality insulation, protected by a strong roof, is a necessity to keeping your home operating as efficiently as possible.

Roof replacement in your Townsville home isn’t something that you should put off. We understand that this can be expensive, but the money you’ll put out initially will save you thousands of dollars down the road. Here are a few basics to help you understand the materials and process involved before you have your roof replacement done.

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There are plenty of options when it comes to roofing materials. A lot of these options depends on your location as well as your personal taste. Depending on the area, you might be looking at the traditional asphalt shingles, to roofing tiles made of wood or Spanish tiles. The two most common types are asphalt shingles and steel roofing.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material. It uses a shingle made from an asphalt composite material and pressed into a flat tile. Asphalt shingles were invented in the U.S. in the early 1920’s and have become the most common type of roofing material. The top surface of the shingle blocks the UV light, which can be damaging to the roofing deck underneath that sits on the trusses. A great benefit to asphalt shingles is that they are relative fireproof as well.

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Steel roofs are one of the more popular roofing material in Australia. It is extremely durable and relatively lightweight, compared to the heavy asphalt shingles. The nice aspect of steel roofing is that it is extremely weatherproof and requires very little maintenance.

The process of your roof replacement is relatively simple to understand. First, the roofing crew will remove all the old shingles to expose the wood deck below. The decking is made from plywood sheets. Depending on the area, you might have some sort of weatherproofing layer between the shingles and plywood.

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Once the plywood is exposed, the materials will be inspected to see where they need to make repairs or lay down new plywood sheathing. After that is done, then it is time to begin the installation process of the new roofing materials.

Before putting down the roofing tiles, a waterproof membrane layer is added to the plywood.

This layer of your roofing materials will help to create a barrier against any water that might seep through the roofing tiles. These rows of roofing paper are overlapped from the bottom to the peak of the roof.

Metal drip edging is placed around the eaves and gables of your roof before adding the roofing shingles. This is another feature that helps to prevent any unwanted moisture from getting inside the roof.

After all that is done, then your roof replacement project is ready for the shingles. Starting at the eaves and working upwards, the roofing tiles are tacked or nailed in place on the roof. After the roofing tiles are placed, the last step is to apply flashing material around areas where leaks might get into the house (chimney, skylights, vent, etc.).

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