Your hot water heater requires special care and maintenance. Like all other plumbing appliances, the hot water heater will frequently break down if neglected. You need to do a few things to ensure that your hot water heater is always in good condition. You should start by inspecting your hot water heater regularly and thoroughly to ensure that it’s in excellent condition. If it’s a conventional storage water heater or a hybrid heat pump water heater, pay particular attention to the hot water storage tank. The hot water storage tank can start leaking at any time or it can get corroded. Check the anode rod inside the hot water storage tank to ensure that it’s still okay and does not need replacing. Even if you have a tankless water heater, make sure that the connecting pipes are in good condition. Conventional storage tank and tankless water heaters in Townsville require regular and thorough DIY inspections.

You should also hire a local professional plumber to inspect your hot water heater several times a year. To maintain your hot water heater in perfect condition, adopt the following preventative maintenance measures.


Clean The Vents

The hot water heater has some vents on the topside for emitting hot air from the device. These vents can become blocked or obstructed by debris, dust, and dirt over time. You should make a point of cleaning these vents on a regular basis to ensure free flow of air in your hot water heater. You can use a piece of cloth or a brush to clean the top vents in your hot water heater. Clean the vents several times in a year to ensure that the hot water heater is always in good condition.


Check The Base And Burner

The burner in your hot water heater does all the important work of heating the cold water. The burner is usually located in the base of the water heater. You should inspect the burner several times per year to ensure that it’s working properly. Also clean the area at the base of your water heater to remove any dirt, debris, toys, or laundry that might be around there. Remove all flammable objects that might be placed near the base of your water heater.


Secure The Water Heater

Some water heaters are merely placed on a surface without being secured to the surface. You should ensure that your water heater is firmly secured to a wall or any surface using metal strapping. This is very important because an unsecured water heater can easily topple over during a natural disaster. This can cause the water heater to burst or injure someone. It can even cause a flood in your house. Secure your water heater firmly to avoid such problems.


Check The Insulation

If you have a conventional storage or a hybrid heat pump water heater, inspect the insulation regularly to ensure that it’s still in good condition. If the insulation gets worn out, your water heater will start losing a lot of heat in the tank. This can cause your monthly energy bill to rise significantly. Check the insulation and repair it if it’s worn-out.


Flush The Tank

You should flush the tank in your water heater regularly to avoid sediment buildup. Flush the tank at least once a year to ensure that your water heater is in perfect condition.


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