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Most people don’t pay much attention to their electric hot water system until it stops working. If it does quit on you, especially when you’re in the shower, this is one realization that can be somewhat shocking.

Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often. Most electric hot water systems are extremely reliable and will work hassle-free for many years.

When it is time to repair or even replace your system, hiring a quality professional company will be a lifesaver. Here at Townsville Plumbers, we can be the professional company you can rely on when you need to service to your system or even replace the entire hot water system in the Townsville region.

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Most homes have a typical tank-style water heater. On larger residential and commercial buildings, it’s common to see a boiler system that is responsible for the hot water needs. In either case, these systems ultimately need to be repaired or replaced.

No appliance on the market has a lifetime guarantee, and that’s when you will need to call in the pros.

It’s important to first understand your electric hot water system and how it works. With a tank style water heater, it connects directly to your electrical panel with a standard plug.

The main job of a tank type water heater is twofold. First, it has to heat the water. The heating element is responsible for this. The second job is to store the hot water so it can be used when needed at various fixtures throughout your house. These tanks are all insulated to keep the water hot until you have a need for it.

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The top of each electric hot water systems has pipes for the incoming water and to deliver the water to the needed appliance as well. The supply pipe takes the cold water from outside and fills the bottom of the tank.  This will push the hot water to the top of the tank where the supply pipes grab the water to be delivered to your house.

All hot water systems have temperature and pressure valves used for safety purposes. This valve opens if the tank gets too hot or there is too much pressure inside. This valve is connected to a pipe on the outside of the tank and points towards your floor, stopping about 16-20cm above the ground. This is so the excess water can drain out.

Many people will put a bucket beneath the pipe to catch any water that drains from here, although you don’t always need a bucket. Never connect your temperature and pressure valve to a drain. You’ll want to be able to see if you have any water leaking and need to call an experienced plumber to service your hot water systems.

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Most tanks steel and the inside of the tank us typically glass lined to help prevent rust. This corrosion is probably the most common reason your system will need to be repaired.

Rust has a nasty way of eating away at the metal which causes holes or other damage to your tank. Most hot water heaters have a rod made of magnesium inside the tank to help with this corrosion.  Basically, this rod in your tank to be the first item to corrode, helping to maintain the life of the steel material.

The typical electric hot water system is wired to your electrical panel or a circuit. To heat the water, the electricity is used for the two heating elements. In the conventional electric hot water system, there are two of these heating elements, one at the bottom of the tank and one somewhere in the middle.

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The thermostat helps to regulate the power going to these heating elements and will adjust the use of electricity when the temperature on your tank gets too cool.

Most thermostats for hot water systems are set between 54-60 degrees C. Sometimes they are set a little lower to keep the water from becoming too hot or to help increase energy savings.

We all have that one relative whose shower is never quite hot enough. We guarantee they are trying to save some money.

Once someone turns on the hot water, the water in the tank is where it is needed, and cold water will then fill the bottom of the tank. This temperature change kicks the thermostat into action and the heating elements will kick in and get the water in the tank back up to whatever temperature you have it set at. This process is really efficient as long as your hot water system is working as intended.

If you are looking to get your hot water system repaired or replaced, it’s important to put the work in the hands of professionals. Even though a tank install seems like a fairly easy process, there’s quite a bit that can go wrong.

Don’t stress out about needing your system serviced or replaced, put your trust in a professional. Your hot water system in Townsville should be serviced by the pros. That’s us. We’re ready and able to help you meet your needs here at Townsville Plumbers.

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