Many online dictionaries define emergencies as sudden unforeseen crisis that requires immediate action. In the plumbing industry, emergencies are defined as any plumbing problems or issues that put the health and safety of people at risk. These plumbing problems require immediate plumbing solutions by plumbing professionals. Plumbing emergencies occur at any time of the day and night and they are very severe in nature. This means that they require the services of a plumbing professional at all times of the day and night, during weekends, and on holidays. As such, plumbing services offered to fix plumbing emergencies are referred to as emergency plumbing services and these services are provided by emergency plumbers. Most of us have suffered our fair share of plumbing emergencies and have hence interacted with emergency plumbers from time to time. If you have ever called a plumber in the middle of the night to fix a heavy gas or water leak or to clear a backed up sewer, then you have already enjoyed emergency plumbing services. Like ordinary plumbing services, emergency plumbing services are usually charged by the hour. That is why you should try to prepare yourself and your house adequately before you call any emergency plumber in Townsville. You should always try to do the following things before the emergency plumber arrives.


Shut Off Water, Gas, And Power

Most plumbing emergencies have to do with water, gas, and/or electricity. That is why you should always turn off these three resources as soon as you notice a serious plumbing issue in your house. The first thing that you should do when you move into a new house is to identify all the various plumbing and power controls. Make sure you know where the main water and gas shutoff valves are. These are usually located near the water and gas meters respectively. You should also note where the electrical breaker box is situated. As soon as you suffer a plumbing emergency, you should shutoff all water, gas, and electricity. This will not only minimize the destructive effects of the plumbing emergency but also protect you and your house from fires, explosions, and other dangers.


Call An Emergency Plumber

You can either call an emergency plumber before you turn off the water, gas, and power, or after. If you do not know where the shutoff valves and breaker box are, you can proceed to call an emergency plumber as soon as the plumbing emergency occurs. But it’s always recommendable that you turn off the water, gas, and electricity first in order to mitigate the plumbing emergency. You should always have the number of a local plumber who offers emergency plumbing services for these kinds of situations.


Try To Minimize Leaks

Most plumbing emergencies are in the form of or result in water and/or gas leaks. If your plumbing emergency involves a heavy water or gas leak, then you can try to minimize it if you are up to the task. You can try to cover the leaking pipes or fixtures with gauze. But if you are not sure about all this, get out of your house immediately and await the emergency plumber.


Clear The Affected Site

You should try to clear all clutter form the affected plumbing site. This is only recommendable if the plumbing emergency is not quite dangerous. If you are having a heavy gas leak, then you should stay outside the house and wait for the emergency plumber.

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